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Premium Pork International søger Manure Operations Manager

Job Title

Manure Operations Manager


Job Purpose

Ø Manage efficiently company’s daily manure activities (storage, transport and spreading as natural fertilizer on agricultural fields) using best agricultural practices and in compliance with legal requirements and company’s policies.    

Ø Optimize current operations, develop and implement a manure management plan to ensure all produced manure is efficiently spread within available timeframes while applying best practices and taking into consideration available limitations: available lands, local farmers, agricultural seasonal works, legal time frame for spreading, weather conditions, storage capacities, available machineries and geographical dispersion of farms.  

  Main responsibilities include:

·       Plan and manage all manure related activities to empty storage capacities (lagoons) within available timeframes;              

·       Develop and implement a manure spreading plan for all locations;     

·       Manage and coordinate available team (team leaders, tractor & truck drivers, operators);

·       Continuously monitor all manure spreading activities and make sure everything runs as planned;   

·       Analyze current activities, propose and implement improvements to increase efficiency and effectiveness;

·       Ensure efficient and optimal usage of the specialized slurry machineries/ equipment;  

·       Implement training plan for all workers to ensure optimal machinery handling, smooth & safe operations;      

·       Develop, implement and monitor relevant working procedures;

·       Maintain the relationship local farmers and suppliers;

Ideal candidate has:

·       Relevant experience within manure management operations; experience working in Eastern Europe represents advantage;

·       Knowledge of manure application technologies and modern manure spreading machinery;    

·       Strong people skills and proven experience in coordinating and leading teams;    

·       Strong communication skills;   

·       Hands-on approach and willingness to spend considerable time on the field & travel between our farms;   

For more info on the position, please contact Rares Popelca - Supply Chain Director at and/or (+40) 722 265 590.       

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Ansøgningsfrist: Snarest

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Produktionstype Planteavl (2000 hektar)

Stillingstype Lederstilling: Driftsleder

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Sprog Engelsk

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Arbejdssted 62715 Golesti, Vrancea

Opslået 09.05.2019

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Jobstart Snarest

Job ID 16313

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