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Agriculture’s largest job portal can connect Ukrainian refugees with jobs in Denmark 

Jobstafet.dk specialises in screening and connecting job seekers with exciting jobs at Danish companies in agriculture. We now offer this service to Ukrainian refugees in Denmark who would like to find a job in Denmark.  

With the Danish Special Act in place we are here to help

About 30,000 Ukrainian refugees have already started applying for residence permits under the special law allowing them to stay, work and go to school in Denmark. Already, several hundred Ukrainian employees are working at Danish agricultural companies, and following this positive experience, Jobstafet.dk is ready to help Ukrainian refugees who want to work in agriculture with Danish employers. 

Special match parameter helps Ukrainian refugees and Danish farmers find and match each other 

In line with the Danish special law, a “Special Act Ukraine” match parameter for the Ukrainian refugees, who can now create their CV on our job portal. Danish employers can easily find Ukrainian refugees and offer employment using the match parameter.

Jobstafet.dk will assist with screening and matching to ensure it is a successful experience for both the employee and employer. We can make the workingcontract and know the salary and terms of employment correspond to Danish Standards.

We also help with application to The Danish Immigration Service under the Special Act on displaced persons from Ukraine.

Are you already in Denmark as an Intern or herdsman you can also obtain a residence permit under the Special Act on displaced persons from Ukraine. Call us for more information +45 8740 8770.  

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As an Ukrainian refugee you can now create your CV and, by using the “Special Act Ukraine” match parameter, be promoted to employers wanting to help.

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